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I’ve decided to leave tumblr.

I have a number of reasons, but the biggest reason is the whining and drama some people make about things they don’t even understand.

I will probably leave this tumblr up because it has a number of helpful, useful posts that benefit the simming community as a whole and it seems like a waste to delete it all.

It’s not like this tumblr was ever that active anyhow.


  • Do you use Delphy’s Multipack Installer and get the materializing materials error everytime you convert patterns that were created with EA’s Create-a-Pattern tool?

  • Does it annoy you to no end, because if you convert one accidentally, you have to look for ages to find it in your downloads…
Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello! I absolutely adore your mods, and I have a request that I couldn't make on the forum post due to registration difficulties. I was wondering, is it possible to combine [UL] Academic Performance Decay with Zerbu's Fun Changes mod (ask won't let me insert a link drats)? If not that's okay, I just thought I would ask since it seems hard to live without either one, and I appreciate your work on everything you've already done regardless! Thank you!!
nonasims nonasims Said:

Hi, nonny :) Thank you for the lovely comment. I can look into your request this weekend. I’m really busy these days, so you might have to wait a while. Sorry!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
First I have to thank you because I can't live without your mods! Second I was wondering if you were planning on doing a "don't put down the baby" after the rocker like you did for the diaper changer? It's making me crazy! Putting the baby in the crib - then the swing! I am nothing but a talentless peon in your presence oh mighty one!
nonasims nonasims Said:

Hi anon, thanks for the kind words :)

The rocking chair interaction doesn’t actually push the sims to put the baby down after they use it, the way the changing table does. The sims just sometimes decide that they will put the baby down after they get up. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about it aside from making the put down here interaction not autonomous, which is a terrible idea because it would make some things really difficult in the game.

alexs3cc, Exactly! Jeez..

jenniferwylie23, LOL! I might just do that to make myself feel better.

omni-plant, I know :(

I got an e-mail from box 2 days ago that I didn’t even notice until now that somebody reported my ccmerged as COPYRIGHTED material and box deleted it.

Seriously? What is wrong with people? There is no difference in distributing the ccmerged versus distributing a mod. Thanks for making it harder for people to fix their issues with their content, jerk.

Hey everyone. You might be aware of my collection of custom edible food links available at my Wiki: 

Custom Edible Food

Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to watch the entire Sims 3 community for every single published piece of CC. If you know of a piece of custom edible food that is not included in this wiki, please share it with me! 

You can share Custom Edible Food links with me by

Lots of Amazing Nectar recipes to discover!



I actually like rabbit holes. Maybe I’m lazy but I think it’s too much work to control every single action of your sims and rabbit holes are a much needed break.




I actually like rabbit holes. Maybe I’m lazy but I think it’s too much work to control every single action of your sims and rabbit holes are a much needed break.


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To Install: Unzip to Mods\Overrides

Fixes missing accessory issues for decrapified Sims 3 Store objects.

  • The Magic Cauldron (More Magic Set)
  • The Voodoo doll (More Magic Set)
  • The Crystal Ball (More Magic Set)
  • The Deep Fryer (Fiesta Set)
  • The Ice Cream…
Asker Anonymous Asks:
Got here through your cc magic tutorial, i was so happy to find something so amazing. Then i saw it was for the sims 3, is there something similair that you know of for the sims 2??? THANKS!
nonasims nonasims Said:

Hi Anon,

Unfortunately, I have no idea if something similar exists for Sims 2. When I played Sims 2, I never used any mods or CC.

Maybe one of my followers knows? Good luck! Sorry about the confusion. :(


Lunarberry Cottage 

Built for my nature fairy Ava Lunarberry.

Tiny 10x10 fairy cottage with 1 bedroom, kitchen, small dining area and bathroom. Lots of plants and planters as well as outdoor painting. 

Download from my EA studio 

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Here is how to Fix CAP Patterns to work in Package format and not toss Materializing materials. 

Ok, if you hate the launcher like me you always want to try to avoid it as much as you humanely can. The issue though is if you love patterns. Some patterns need to be installed by the launcher otherwise they give the dreaded “materializing materials error” Well here is a tutorial to fix those pesky patterns so you can have the freedom of not using the launcher and have any pattern that catches your eye. 

What happens with CAP is that CAP upon export of the pattern or when writing out the ID and such, accidentally (by way of a odd bug) places a space in the ID of the pattern. The Launcher fixes this, but when someone converts the pattern to package you get the Materializing materials error. This is some faulty EA coding that is a really simple fix by following the methods above, which is to simply remove the Space within the ID on both the XMLs and PTRN resources.

Now the previous anon that asked me about if they merged the pattern into their merged file . If you can isolate the bad pattern and fix it you should be fine. What you will do is recombine the updated file (Import>Package, not Import>as DBC) leaving replace duplicates checked, following the rest of the tutorial for merging packages and saving the merged file. This is because the updated file will replace any of the old file’s resources with it’s own being that you didn’t modify anything to make it unique, just fixed the broken resources.

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Hello dearies :)

I’m currently in the process of updating links to CC Magic tutorials, so if you know of any, please share! Here’s where I have so far:


do u ever start typing a text post and think “wow just shut the fuck up” to yourself

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